Common Sense Safety Tips for Travelers

Posted on 06 April 2018 (0)

Common Sense Safety Tips for Travelers

Some things may seem common sense, but they are not especially during a crisis. If something that puts your life at risk happens when traveling abroad, you may not know what to do. According to my cousin that owns and happens to do a lot of traveling and he put together some tips on why you need these safety tips to avoid confusion and exposing yourself to more risks.

Be Informed

Know phone numbers, addresses, and directions to and from your workplace, residence, or in-country resources. Make sure that your friends and family know your location. You can even share your itinerary with them. Ensure that your loved ones know your travel plans so that they can help you better in the event of an emergency. What’s more, keep important information or documents safe while traveling. Be updated on the latest events by tuning in for the local news.

Avoid Trouble

Something like demonstrations, protests, and national crisis can happen in your destination. To ensure your safety, don’t involve yourself in such activities no matter how tempting they seems.

Contact Your Embassy if You Need Assistance

Your embassy should help you where possible if you land in trouble. For instance, it can help you locate medical help or find an attorney. Many countries have internship programs that work hard to make sure that participants are safe. Therefore, know the resources that you can access when traveling in a foreign country.

Keep Financial and Online Identity Safe

Phone companies and banks should be in the loop all the time. Therefore, inform them that you intend to travel out of the country. Only carry the necessary payment documents or ID. Take all precautions to ensure that you are not a victim of identity theft.

Be Cautious When Touring High Risk Areas

Always know your surrounding and be alert. This is particularly important when traveling to high risk areas. Trust your guts or instinct especially if you feel uncomfortable or shady about something.

Follow these common sense safety tips for travelers and you will be go on a trip to a foreign country and come back home safely.  

How to Get Paid to Travel

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Do you want to be paid to travel? Or, are you looking for a way to make money as you travel? Well, you need to learn about jobs that give you opportunities to work while traveling. Basically, there are many jobs that can be your springboard to the life of a paid traveler. Here are some of them.

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide is one of the job that entails traveling and being paid for it. You just have to be knowledgeable about a travel destination and have good language skills. In most places, starting a tour guide business is easy. Nevertheless, you must be good with people. That means you need good communication skills and ability to attract more customers. It’s also important to have good organization skills because you have to organize tours to have a steady income.

Travel Blogger

The major challenge with this job is developing your following and money making methods. Nevertheless, once your travel blog gets a devoted readership, you can get unlimited perks and income. Some travel bloggers specialize in certain regions. But, the most important thing is to monetize your work. You can do this by developing promotions, writing e-books, or working as a travel consultant.

Travel Agent

A travel agent has most skills of a tour guide. However, they come up with itineraries for their clients. These include hotel, airfare, and activities. They can also lead tours of their clients during visits.

English Teacher

College graduates can go abroad and teach English. There are many programs that college graduates can use to get teaching opportunities in foreign countries. Fluency in host language is not required because native English speakers use English to communicate. However, basic skills in dealing with young pupils are required.  


There is a high demand for nurses in some countries abroad. Some nurses go to foreign countries to work as aid workers while others are called to work in areas with health crises. Nevertheless, these professionals can have harsh living conditions.


If you are experienced in speaking a foreign language, you can be paid to travel as an interpreter. You just need to partner with a company whose experts travel to the country where the foreign language is spoken.

For all these jobs, payment varies depending on different factors. Such factors include the living standards and the work to be done. Nevertheless, being paid to travel is an exciting and fun experience for most people.  

How to Enhance Your Motivation to Travel

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Motivated individuals can achieve whatever they set out to do. But, how do you stay motivated to travel when you have a job and a busy life? Some people even have friends and families that discourage them from traveling. Essentially, being motivated to travel is not easy.

That’s because though traveling is always an inspiring idea, there are times when life brings up things that make traveling impossible. That’s why you should know how to stay motivated if you intend to travel.

Be Accountable

To remain focused, be accountable. This will enable you to keep your eyes on the ultimate goal. What’s more, if you are accountable to others, they will provide social pressure that will keep you on track. This will provide the motivation that you need to follow through your travel plans. Whether that pressure comes from having an individual check on you or tracking your goals, being accountable will enable you to focus on your trip. It will make you follow through your plans even when you don’t have the energy to do so.

Research Your Travel Destinations

Reading about the places that you wish to visit will enhance your motivation to travel. Always think and learn about traveling. This will keep you excited about your future trips. Therefore, read news of oversea travel destinations and things that you can do while there.

Devote Your Time

You will always have things to do whenever you plan to travel. That means you must set time aside to travel. Simply pick one day and travel. You just need to plan your trip carefully and get ready to go out there and enjoy your trip.


Always read popular travel blogs and books. These provide useful tips and advice on how to travel to different places. They also teach you on different places including destinations that you may have not heard of.

Learn a Foreign Language

If you know a language that you might use more often when you travel, learn it. This will make interacting with the people that you meet while traveling easier. There are many online resources that make learning new languages easier. Use them to make things easier for you. When you learn a foreign language, you will be motivated to travel so that you can practice speaking the language with its natives.

Without the motivation to travel, your mind will move on to something different whenever you think about traveling. This will make traveling seem challenging and you might even never accomplish your travel goals.  

How to Attract the World when Unable to Travel

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Naturally, we all want to travel. But, traveling is generally not cheap. However, this should not hinder you from experiencing travel. You can still experience travel within your locality. Here are tips on how to attract the world when unable to travel.

Join Online Travel Groups

Search for online travel groups and join them. For instance, use Meetup to find a travel group in your locality. Maybe members of such a group meet and explore the locality more often. This will enable you to keep in touch with like-minded people. And, you will get ideas that will help you when you decide to travel in the future. If you don’t find such a group, start one.

Try Out the Sharing Economy

There are sharing economy sites that allow the local people to post listings for specialty meals and dinner parties that interested individuals can freely sign up for. Such websites give you a chance to go to the home of another person to share stories and eat. This is a great chance to taste the world of other people and you will most likely not travel far to enjoy the experience. However, though you may pay a fee for the meals, you will enjoy different meals during the party.

Start or Find a Travel Community

There are great travel communities out there. Some of them exist in social media platforms like Facebook while others are online forums. These are groups or organizations that connect people that love traveling and writing about it. You may also come across a group of the travel industry professionals. Online travel communities enable you to talk, attend in-person meetings, and even organize events. Thus, a local community for travelers gives you a chance to connect with people that love traveling. You also get inspiration from other travelers.

Generally, meeting people that love traveling is as good as traveling for some people that can’t travel for some reasons. It gives you a chance to share your passions, interests, and desires. To such people, the idea of quitting a full-time job just to travel the world doesn’t sound crazy.

Therefore, if something unfortunate happens and makes you unable to travel, don’t think that is the end of experiencing travel. There are many ways via which you can attract the world and ensure that your travel spirit lives on. Though you won’t gaze at the Giza Pyramids, you will meet different individuals and learn other cultures. Check out one of my newest gems in booking travel, so far so good.


Tourists sites that people are overlooking in China

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If you are looking for a country where you are going to be able to see a variety of tourist sites, then you should go to China. This is one of the most popular countries in the world, with the most tourist sites. However, there are some of these tourist sites that people are overlooking. Where they think that this isn’t the most popular or interesting sites to see. The problem is that this might be the sites that will teach you so much about China. Or, a site that not many people know about. These are some of the sites that people are overlooking in China:

The great wall of China

One of the most important parts of history in China. The great wall of China. A couple of years back, this was one of the most popular tourist attractions in China, but these last couple of years, less and fewer people are visiting this great piece of history.

There are many people that think that the wall is completely gone, but this isn’t the case. There are many pieces left of the world. It is a place that you should still consider going to see when you are in China. You will not regret this for one minute.

The forbidden city

You might say that the forbidden city is one of the top tourist attractions in China. And you might be right. However, there are many people that don’t go to the forbidden city anymore. This is because they don’t really know about the forbidden city.

Because this is a popular place to see, people think that they don’t need to advertise this attraction anymore. And, in the process, people that don’t know about the Forbidden city will not get to visit the site.


Shanghai. Everyone will know that this is a huge city. But, did you know that this is one of the best tourists attractions in China? This is because people don’t think that the city has lots to see and experience. For them, it is just another city.

However, there are so many different things that you can see and do there, that it is hard to imagine that people don’t want to visit Shanghai. Even, when they are close to the city.

China is a great place for tourists. There are many different tourist attractions, and there are many great things that you can do in China. But, there are also some tourist attractions that are overlooked. Meaning that people don’t visit it so much or they don’t talk about the attraction, recommending it to everyone. You will not regret it to visit these three sites. It is still unique, beautiful and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of China.