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How to Keep a Traveling Teenager Safe Abroad

Posted on 15 October 2018 by admin (0)

Naturally, teenagers are excited about traveling abroad. The experience is better for most teens when it comes to traveling without supervision by their parents. However, the experience of a parent whose teen is traveling abroad is nerve wracking. Most parents wait anxiously to hear from their teens. Safety of their teens is their major concern.

If you are a parent whose teen is traveling abroad, there are things that you can do to track your kid. Here are some of them.

Follow Money

Before you let your teen take a trip abroad, ensure that you can access their credit card or bank account online. This will enable you to monitor the transactions that they make while traveling abroad. You will also know whether somebody has hijacked their account regardless of where they roam.

Following the money track of your teen will also enable you to determine if they are sticking to the agreed spending budget. You will also know the whereabouts of your teen as well as the activities they engage in. It’s also important that you talk to credit card provider and bank about it in advance. Note that some countries ask customers to have PIN for any transaction made using their credit card. This can take time to process.

Follow your Teenager on Social Media

Modern teenagers use their Smartphones to do more than make simple calls. They use them to upload photos, text, comment, and share on social media. It’s important that you follow your teenager on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This will enable you to monitor their trail and know what they are doing. Make sure that you have a texting plan or international data plan.

It’s also important that you ask your teenager to keep in touch via a means that you are both comfortable with. You can communicate on daily basis to ensure that the teen is safe. Additionally, make sure that your teen packs all essentials and that they have a travel insurance policy. Also talk to them about personal safety and precautions to take when necessary.